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When we live our lives expressing who we truly are, we can achieve anything that we set our minds to. At iAlign Fitness we help women come into alignment with their true selves through exercise, nutritional guidance and mindset coaching. We have created a flexible and accommodating personal training program to help women transform their bodies and entire lives.



Combine In-Person, Virtual or Online sessions to create a training package that works best for your needs and lifestyle.



The structure of our training program is circuit based training. This style of training combines strength training, endurance training and aerobics. You will build muscle, burn fat and get your heart rate up each session. No workout is ever the same, so your results will never plateau as long as you stay consistent.


Nutritional Guidance

We encourage our members to follow a mostly plant based diet. This minimizes food animal ingredients such as meat, fish, milk, or eggs, and encourages foods that are not heavily processed. All members receive access to our full recipe book and meal plans.

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Mindset Coaching

Often times we try to make changes to our physical world without realizing that an inner change must take place first. Committing to and ultimately achieving your fitness goals will not only challenge you physically, but mentally as well. We provide our clients with the most effective methods to train the brain for success.

Pre & Post natal Program

The Prenatal and postpartum periods are

critical times in the lives of women. It is essential that all mothers are fully supported

along their journey of motherhood. We provide personalized services designed specifically for our prenatal and postpartum members.


1 on 1 coach to achieving your goalS


BA-Psychology (CWRU)


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My name is Elizabeth Marie Jordan and I am a certified personal trainer. Growing up, I have always been physically active. I began my journey with weight lifting in 2013 following the birth of my son. It wasn’t until 2017 that I decided to turn my love of fitness into my career. Pursuing my passion has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life. I absolutely love helping my clients transform their lives. As a trainer, I teach my clients effective exercise routines, proper nutrition and I help them develop a pattern of thinking that helps them achieve their desires. There are several reasons why people exercise, whether it is to lose weight, build muscle or just to try something new. Whatever your personal goal may be, I can help you reach it!

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Our program is for any woman that is ready to Take Life-changing action, commit to the process and get Incredible results.

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